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MedX Lumbar Strengthening Machine

MedX Lumbar Strengthening Machine

What Is MedX?

This equipment is designed to restore the bio-mechanical integrity of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and is able to accurately measure joint range of motion limits, muscle strength and flexibility. Data is then compared to normative data for a person of the same sex and height to assess how much below expected normal they are performing. A progressive strengthening program is then developed, specifically designed to isolate and strengthen the weakened area.

We most often use the Lumbar MedX to treat low back, pelvic and hip pain, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, arthritis in back and spine, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and loss of lumbar mobility and strength.

We most often us the Cervical MedX to treat degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, headaches, neck and shoulder girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness, thoracic pain, elbow problems arthritis in the neck , fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and loss of neck mobility and strength.

One of the leading factors in the development of low back pain and injury is insufficient strength in the smaller low back muscles. These muscles are susceptible to injury because they are not trained by normal exercise routines. MedX permits precise strength and durability measurements and specific training of these muscles.

MedX computerized diagnostic and training equipment has been featured in Business Week and other national publications. The technology was invented by Arthur Jones, creator of the revolutionary Nautilus exercise equipment.

Physicians appreciate MedX’s computerized graphic printouts which display the patient’s exact condition.- enabling the physician to effectively design a specific program of corrective training to prevent, reduce or correct the problem and speed recovery.

Employers appreciate MedX because they realize that low back injuries can be very costly to their business – both in lost time and productivity of their workforce, as well as the ever-rising cost of medical and workman’s compensation insurance premiums. Back problems cause more pain, create higher number of lost days and greater medical costs than any other single physical problem. MedX can provide an effective tool for employers in reducing costs and improving productivity.
Post Offer Employment Physicals

Most employers who do post offer employment physicals rely on the opinions of physicians and X-rays regarding the condition of a prospective employee’s lower back. Neither have proven very reliable in identifying those individuals who are prone to low back injury.

MedX provides an objective, accurate measurement of the strength of an individual’s low back.. A computer-graphic printout reveals the condition of the prospective employees lumbar muscles and enables a physician to identify employees with lower back muscles which are weak and consequently more likely to suffer back injuries. As a cost containment screening device, MedX is ideal for employers.
Evaluates Low Back Strength

Not all people tire at the same rate. MedX can determine objectively if the low back of a particular individual fatigues slowly, at an average rate, or at a very rapid rate. Individuals who fatigue very rapidly while working tend to alter the way they move as the lumbar muscles get tired. Simply put, they begin bending and lifting the wrong way. This results in a higher incidence of back injuries.

An employer whose pre-employment physical includes a MedX evaluation can determine if a particular individual is appropriate of the job tasks involved and avoid costly injuries. As a job assignment screening device, MedX is ideal for employers.
Re-trains Injured Backs

Because MedX provides an objective measurement of the strength of an individual’s lower back in a pre-employment physical, an employer is on more solid ground if later, that individual has a back injury. He or she can be rehabilitated on a MedX machine and returned to pre-employment strength. MedX post-injury training helps speed recovery over other conventional rehabilitation methods.

Computer records of the employee’s pre-employment strength and post-injury rehabilitation strength can be compared. With objective computer records in hand, an employer knows when an employee can be safely returned to work.
Identifies Malingerers

It is unfortunate that some employees consider a back injury an opportunity to abuse the insurance system. These individuals claim continual pain and reduced strength to extend their period of recovery and compensation payments. Eventually, their employer picks up the cost in higher insurance premiums.

MedX testing is so accurate it can detect individuals who are deliberately holding back during a post-treatment evaluation. Even employees who have pre-existing injuries can be evaluated to determine if they are giving a reliable and consistent effort. Malingerers cannot fool MedX.

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