Breath Alcohol Testing

The Alco-Sensor IV is a hand held, portable breath alcohol (BAT) testing instrument, which utilizes an automatic sampling system which creates a simple fail-safe testing environment. This BAT instrument utilizes an electrochemical sensor, or fuel cell, which quantifies the amount of alcohol in each subject’s provided breath sample. When a subject’s sample is drawn across the surface of the fuel cell, any trace of alcohol will be detected and broken down chemically. When molecules of alcohol are broken down, a given number of electrons are released. These electrons are measured in proportion to the amount of alcohol in the sample. Therefore, by measuring the number of electrons, a digital Breath Alcohol Concentration, (BrAC), is calculated and reported.

This unit has numerous features which make the Alco-Sensor IV one of the most accurate and easy to use breath alcohol testing instruments available. With menu driven testing procedures, automated calibration features and patented state of the art fuel cell process and breath volume measurement, the Alco-Sensor IV is on the cutting edge of breath alcohol testing technology. This unit is designed for screening and evidential testing purposes, and has been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (DOT).